Saturday, March 24, 2012


Telugu penscape

Telugu story has completed hundred years in its journey.Many writers have contributed their services to present the stories at their best.The stories so written should reach one and all so that the diversified cultures are clearly understood by everyone. How? The answer is none other than translation from Telugu to different languages and vice versa. In this process Nidadavolu Malathy Garu has taken immense efforts and established ’ Thulika ‘ website and posted the stories in English translated from telugu.

She is wellknown in the blog world and also in the writer’s arena. Previously I have reviewed her anthology of short stories ‘Kathala Attayya Garu ’. I understood not only her love for stories but also her passion for discussions on telugu literature especially Katha sahithyam. Both the factors have helped her in emerging as a good writer.

Now the book Telugu Penscape added one more feather in her crown through the translation of short stories into English from Telugu. Her knowledge of both the languages and enthusiasim to present our culture and tradition through the translation has highlighted her profile. Her attempts to project the telugu culture to the readers who cannot read in telugu will be fulfilled if such translations pave way in the present scenario. No matter how comfortable she was while translating from telugu to English but it is the comfort of the reader that counts while reading the translation. After going through Penscape I enjoyed in the same way as I do while reading a story in Telugu. I sincerely feel that the readers who cannot read and enjoy the stories written in telugu will take the opportunity of reading this book.

I humbly request Malathy Garu to continue her endeavor in translation. Many writers have said Mahabharata is not translated from Sanskrit to Telugu but it is transcreated in Telugu. Such should be the concept of translation. I heartly congratulate the creator of Thulika website for the outcome.

Not but the least the efforts of Lekhini are well appreciated on publishing the book Penscape and a special mention to be made to the cover designed by sri Seela Veerraju garu which amply depicts the essence of the book.
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జలతారువెన్నెల said...

Can you give me the url for Thulika website uma gaaru?

C.ఉమాదేవి said...

vennela garu,the following are the links.

Anonymous said...

ఉమాదేవిగారూ, నాపుస్తకంమీద మీ సమీక్ష చూసేను. అనువాదాలవిషయంలో నాధ్యేయం చక్కగా వివరించేరు. ధన్యవాదాలు

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