Monday, May 13, 2013

Letter of Luck

పరీక్షలముందు హడావిడి కే.జి నుండి పి.జి దాకా కనబడేదే!దూరాన ఉన్న పిల్లలకు Best of Luck చెప్పాలంటే ఫోను చేస్తాము.అదే మనవరాలికి చెప్పాలంటే,అదీ లేఖ రూపంలో అయితే,ఇదిగో  ఇలా....

Hi, Avni , How are  you?

When I talked to your mom I came to know that you are busy studying for your exams.Happy to hear that you are entering into sixth class next year.Well you will also have your Graduation ceremony this year. We are happy to have a grand daughter like you who depends on industry rather than luck in preparing for the exams. Good dear kid, Luck always follows  the hard worker. On your entry to the Kinder   Garten  it appears that you have come across a  first stepping stone in your life to mould  yourself as a student in the class but dear don’t forget that it  is a concrete step for your future milestones in your career not only as a student but also as an adorable  human being.Your parents provide you the base and the teachers help you to lay the pillars of success. Now the structure is ready but the remaining part is in your hands to make it a master piece. Avni dear , We wish you all success in your examinations  as well as your career.We both wish that success and luck always  be as co-travellors to you in the berth (birth) of life and pray  God to enable luck to sing the lullaby of success to get through in all walks of life. Bye ! With love and blessings.                        
                                         Grandpa and Grandma
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జలతారు వెన్నెల said...

Such a lovely letter! And a great message . Avni is going to be a sixth grader soon? Avni, good luck for your exams.

మాలా కుమార్ said...

మీ మనవరాలి కి రాసిన ఉత్తరం బాగుంది .

best of luck to Avani .

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