Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm booked ! బుక్కయ్యాను!


  When I speak of my childhood days I remember annoying my grandmother to tell me stories and all those stories  I heard from her were from our epics.Thus began my thirst towards stories.I developed interest in fiction.Since my dad was at Araku valley (A beautiful place near Vizag in A.P) we had very little scope of getting good magazines to the one and only news stall. The only remedy for this was to get all the telugu magazines through post only. Kudos to my dad for the support given to me in getting the required magazines regularly by post. Read,read and read! With this habit an itch to write began! Slowly and carefully I started writing small kavithas,stories and essays.Seeing my articles in print made me work more on telugu literature. The libraries helped me a lot in moulding  myself into a writer.So here I conclude that I was always a good reader of telugu novels ,stories and a few books in English for reference purpose only.

     If everything goes on as usual it is not life! It will be a well written screenplay enacted.So happenned our trip to America.I could get only a few books along with me including the books I have got published.One whole week sweet nothings with kids.My grand daughter's holidays came to an end.The real pain started.I want books.Nothing but books.A book lover can not live without books.The use and throw policy does not work in the case of books.I recited  books   which were published by me! If anyone asks,"Do you read books?",I feel like asking them,"Do you sleep?"So with such scenario I was eagerly waiting to get some books from library or elsewhere.
   As usual it was yet another morning....No.... It was Good Morning Aunty! Yes! it was really a very good morning as my eyes wide opened on seeing a pile of books in the hands of an angel and with  loads of smiles on her face entered in. A writer  has to work hard to get a place in the hearts of their readers.From the roots to wings a ladder is a helpline.A caterpillar transforming itself into a butterfly is life cycle. From turmoil to happiness there is dedication.A book plays a major role in developing us.A dedicated helpline to transform ourselves as good human beings are books.And that is how I am booked!
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Lakshmi Raghava said...

This is so true. we will know what we miss when we go there.

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